stain remover
Haircolor, ColorCare
125 ml

Stain Remover is the solution that can, through its action:
- Remove color rings and marks after the haircolor service
- Shorten washing operations giving greater comfort to the customer


For anyone who needs to remove color rings and marks from the skin and scalp.


Apply on the color rings with a cotton swab or damp sponge.
– Allow it to work for 2-3 minutes
– Gently remove with a damp cotton swab
– Rinse thoroughly


Enriched with active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair, including,
– Solvent: removes stains and reduces the oxidised pigment;
– Glycerine moisturises the hair

Stain Remover is also a part of ColorCare, a product line that aids hairstylists to keep the color in hair alive. Designed for professionals, ColorCare includes products to be used before, during and after haircolor and bleaching services, protecting hair and scalp.

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