shampoo silver
Man, Linea Haircare, Shampoo
250 ml / 750 ml

Silver Shampoo is the professional shampoo for men that can, through its action
- Cleanse
- Neutralise yellowing
- Make the charm of salt and pepper grey stand out


White and grey hair.


Apply a small quantity of the product to wet hair.
– Gently massage
– Then rinse
Repeat as needed.


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair. In particular:
– Caoforce Complex®, the active plant compound developed through the combination of 5 plant essences: cacao, ginger, cardamom, white pepper and guarana, with an energizing and strengthening effect
– Violet pigments contrast yellow tones

Silver Shampoo is also a part of MAN, the specific Elgon division for men with high performance plant extracts. Paraben free with Caoforce Complex®, MAN meets today's men's cosmetic haircare needs that require rapidity and safety.

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