maschera diamante
Haircare, Linea Primaria, Maschera
150 ml / 500 ml

Diamond Mask is the strong moisturising super-shine mask, that can, through its action,
- Make fine hair shine, without weighing it down
- Protect the hair shaft


Fine and weakened hair


Apply to clean wet hair after using Cashmere Bath, fluid effect for long fine hair to prepare it for the super-shine mask treatment. Afterwards,
– Apply to the hair
– Massage in gently
– Allow it to work for from 3 to 5 minutes
– Rinse
To increase the effect you may leave it on to work for up to 15 minutes.


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Glycerine hydrates, softens and tames hair
– Guar Gum (product of the Guar plant) untangles and soothes Restructures and fortifies the hair shafts, making hair silky.

Diamond Mask is also a part of Primaria, the line of products that care for the health of the hair and scalp, formulated with natural extracts and Redoxina®, it is paraben free.

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