maschera astringente all'argilla bianca
Haircare, Linea Primaria, Maschera
250 ml

White Clay Astringent Mask can, through its action
- Balance,
- Refresh
- Aid in the regulation of the sebum


Scalp that has excess sebum and oily hair


Apply the mask to a dry scalp before shampooing
– Allow it to work for 7-10 minutes
– Rinse thoroughly
– Shampoo with White Clay Purifying Bath


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– White clay effectively absorbs excess sebum with a matte effect
– Walnut extract provides anti-inflammatory and purifying activity
– Lactic acid softens hair and keeps it moisturised

White Clay Astringent Mask is also a part of Primaria, the line of products that care for the health of the hair and scalp, formulated with natural extracts and Redoxina®, it is paraben free.

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