Haircolor, I|Light line, Direct colors
100 ml/ 200 ml

Direct high-intensity color.

Ready-to-use shades that are intermixable to create a variety of results from vivid to pastel or vintage. Revives any color with a glossy shine.

Range consists of 13 shades and 3 filters.


I|Light is divided into 4 series:

Primary: True primary colors. Use pure or mixed to enhance or revive haircolor.

Natural: Perfect for blending white hair. Enhances, corrects and revives natural or previously colored hair. Use to maintain color between services.

Toner: Ready-for-use fashion colors. Ideal for toning or for unique creative results on previously lightened hair.

Filter: three innovative filters that can be intermixed with any I|Light shade to create pastel, vintage or dark versions.

The brand-new FILTERS are three mixers that can be added with any I|Light product for unique Insta-worthy effects!

Pastel: Create a delicate pastel effect.

Vintage: Create a vintage effect.

Dark: Create depth.

Product ideal for

Anyone who wants a direct and ready-to-use product.

Anyone who loves to play with colors creating unique shades thanks to the filters.



To blend first greys without using an oxidation dye.


To enliven or intensify a faded color. Can also be used to create soft nuances without having to bleach the hair.


For plays of color and creative and unexpected nuances, thanks to the new filters.


To repigment the inner part of the hair, strengthening the action of the oxidation dye



NB: I|Light duration can vary depending on hair porosity.

I|LIGHT NATURAL: 2-5 shampoos

I|LIGHT PRIMARY  & TONER: 4-8 shampoos

I|LIGHT FILTER: Depends on the shade is mixed with.


Hydra-Gum 80: made of Quaterium 80 and a mix of natural gums, it allows pigments to deeply penetrate in the hair shaft and improves the long-lasting properties

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