Decolor, Linea Decolor, decolorante
500 g

Lightening cream ideal for full-head bleaching and re-growth touch-up. Enriched with beeswax for added moisture and protection. Lifts up to 6 levels. Ideal also for all other lightening services.


Full-head bleaching and re-growth touch-up.


50g per average application corresponds to approximately 10 applications per 500g of product.


Mixing ratio 1:1.5

Maximum setting time:  45 minutes.


When lightening re-growth: mix with oxygen at 10 or 20 vol.

When lighten lengths: mix with oxygen at 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol.

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ADVANCED DIRECTIONS FOR USE / Ideal for pickling and full or partial colour cleansing. The creamy formula allows for perfect adhesion to hair lengths as well as for the deep and even removal of pigments.


The formula allows for the perfect adhesion of the product to the hair and any eventual re-growth. The creamy texture is extremely easy to apply and rinse off.


  • Beeswax: bulks out the formula and exerts an emollient action.


  • Emollients: provide the formula with structure and exert a softening action.


  • Persulfates: boost the lightening action of the hydrogen peroxide contained in the activator.

Cream Bleach is also a part of Decolor, the line for bleaching and obtaining any shade from blonde to platinum while fully respecting the hair fibre.

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