bagno volumizzante
Haircare, Linea Amplea, Shampoo
250 ml

Volumizing Bath is the fluid shampoo that, applied after the Volumizing Pre-treatment, can
- Amplify the volume of the hair fibres
- Leave a perceivable sensation of body on the hair right from the very first application
The volume effect lasts and lasts.


Fine, medium or coarse hair that needs volume.


Apply to wet hair and scalp.
– Massage in
– Allow it to work for 2-3 minutes
– Rinse
Use together with the Volumizing Pre-treatment. To condition and volumize, complete the treatment with Volumizing Spray.


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Marine lichen extract and Vitamin E: with an antioxidant effect
– Panthenol (Provitamin B5) with strong moisturising action, prevents hair from breaking
– Redoxina®: active ingredient composed of Klamath alga and keratin amino acids with anti ageing action

Volumizing Bath is also a part of Amplea, a line with Voluhidra Complex®, a complex rich in volumizing substances that bind to the hair and make it thicker, by detaining water molecules.

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