bagno cachemere
Haircare, Linea Primaria, Shampoo
250 ml / 750 ml

Cashmere Bath is the shampoo that can, through its action
- Tames long hair making it more beautiful and combable whether wet or dry;
- Contrasts the formation of split ends
- Leaves hair soft, glossy and flowing
Regular use improves the hair's resistance to exposure to sunlight, atmospheric agents and the pull of brushing.


Mainly indicated for fine and weakened hair.


Apply to damp hair.
– Spread a sufficient quantity of the product on the hair
– Massage in gently
– Rinse
– Repeat as needed
Suggested for use together with Super-Shine Gloss Effect Diamond Mask.


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Derived from wheat proteins protects the hair fibres making hair glossier also improves the hair’s resistance to the pull of brushing
– Cationic cellulose derivatives fill the cuticle, giving the hair consistency

Cashmere Bath is part of Primaria, the line of products that care for the health of the hair and scalp, formulated with natural extracts and Redoxina®, it is paraben free.

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