aqua re-mineralizzante
Haircare, Linea Primaria, Finish
125 ml

Re-Mineralizing Water is the revitalizing supplement that can, through its action
- Provide daily protection of the hair
- Make the hair fibres stronger and more elastic


Weakened and dry hair


Best to apply to hair that is still damp
– Spray onto damp hair
– Style
Use together with and after Energy Bath

This may be used as an alternative to a conditioner in cases of excess sebum because it provides soothing action without weighing down the hair.
Apply before a haircolor service to make the porosity of the hair more “uniform”.


Enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair
– Essential minerals give vitality and energy to protect scalp and the hair
– Collagen derivatives with repairing and reconstituting action
– Glycerine moisturises the hair

Re-Mineralizing Water is also a part of Primaria, the line of products that care for the health of the hair and scalp, formulated with natural extracts and Redoxina®, it is paraben free.

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