70 design glue
Hairstyling, Linea Affixx, Texture
100 ml

70 Design Glue is the wax with a wet-look gloss finish that can, through its action,
- Shapes and protects the hair
- Give hair soft, defined effects


– For those who want to nourish their hair, styling it
– For those whose hair is fine, dry, unmanageable, difficult to hold and define
– For those seeking a glossy wet look with no residue


Apply to damp or dry hair as a finish
– Rub a small dab of wax between your hands
– Spread it evenly on your hair.
To give the wax a softer fixative effect, with and extreme shine power mix Design Glue with Light Drops.


Yellow-orange gel enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Sunscreen protects from UV rays
– Mix of lipids with moulding agents that act quickly without weighing down the hair

All of the Affixx formulations contain Soyactiv® with soya proteins, which gradually release moisture into the hair for the entire duration of the style while its sunscreen protects the haircolor from UV rays.

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