Trendy Pastels


blog-carePastels are today’s new trend. They reign along the most glamorous runways allowing us to rediscover the Fashion World’s romantic side with new delicate shades and amusing patterns. It was not by chance that Pantone elevated Rose Quartz to the colour of the year.

To keep feeling young, to stay in fashion and especially to maintain our beauty are all good reasons to let go of the total black look or the dark metropolitan and grey-scale shades of yesterday. The time has come to allow the delicacy of the pastel palette, which illuminates our complexion, making our look elegant and harmonious, to liberate us from the past.

Delicate pastel colours and hues such as pink, violet and fuchsia are this season’s must have. Choose the tint that is closest to your tastes and your skin phototype. For example, if you are blonde, violet and pink are your colours, while fuchsia is perfect for dark and brown haired women.

As much as pastel hair shades might have an irresistible appeal, being the now thing, not all of us are ready to make such a big jump with our permanent haircolor. No need to panic. Thanks to Elgon, you can now keep up with this trend and give your hair more style without regrets. Actually, the new I|CARE Pastel shades are the ideal solution to give your look a touch of style without having to deal with the idea of “permanent”. All you need are a few shampoos to get your natural haircolor back with Elgon direct haircolors in the pastel shades of pink, fuchsia and violet. It could not be simpler, even though we would be willing to wager that you will not ever want to go back.

Created to be applied to blond or bleached hair, these I|CARE Pastel shades are perfect for shading your salon haircolor or creating temporary rainbow effects. Ask your hairstylist and try these at home to enliven your salon haircolor or even to change it any time you like based on the current fashion or your mood. I|CARE guarantees lustrous tones while at the same time conditioning, nourishing and taking care of your hair and your style!