The elegance, sensuality, freshness and youthfulness of blonde is truly timeless.

Today’s trends speak of an increasingly risqué, ever-more articulated and varied blonde. From more traditional shades such as honey blonde, light hazelnut, caramel and vanilla blonde, to more sophisticated tones, including Lunar Blonde, a sublimely light shade enriched with blue and pink highlights that create a cosmos-inspired look, or the almost silver tones of Nordic White, reminiscent of Scandinavia, snow and marshmallows.

What do all these shades have in common?


Blonde, more so than other colors, boasts infinite possible shade combinations, and the real secret to success lies in the perfect balance and correct mix of the warm and cool tones that best enhance an individual’s skin tone and face shape. Every person therefore has the possibility to flaunt their own unique look that has been created exclusively and harmoniously for them.


To provide professionals and hairstylists with the tools of the trade to best express the ‘desire for blonde’ of their customers, a number of new bleaching techniques have been developed (link SBS YouTube), in addition to new formulas that guarantee healthy, happy hair.

Elgon has chosen to fulfil this ‘blonde ambition’ with two new products:

DECOLOR CREAM BLEACH: for lighter hair without the irritation

The cream bleach that lightens by up to 6 shades and is far more gentle than traditional powder bleaching products.

The formula, enriched with beeswax, ensures an outstanding performance, leaving the hair both protected and hydrated. It is suitable for all bleaching techniques and is ideal for full-head lightening starting from any re-growth; the formula is 100% safe and extremely comfortable for the individual undergoing the treatment.

MODA&STYLING ULTRA-BLONDES: for lighter hair without bleaching

Moda&Styling, the permanent cosmetic cream coloring line, enables professionals to freely express their creativity and satisfy the most diverse of customer requests thanks to the vast range of shades available. At the same time, thanks to the new Silker Complex 3® Plus, the color produced is even fuller, more intense and longer-lasting, leaving the hair stronger and healthier, owing to its restructuring effect.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that various haircare products are required to keep blonde hair looking its best. We need to be using an intensive hydration treatment not only to moisture our hair but also to preserve its natural luminosity. Masks and illuminating products are therefore given the green light!


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about express beauty…