Green is becoming increasingly pink. As confirmed by the Italian Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies (Eurispes): 30.2% of companies ran by women are mindful of sustainability.

What’s more, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and countless other celebrities have joined the eco-friendly cause and have adopted a sustainable lifestyle.

That said, when I say the words ‘green woman’, what type of woman springs to mind?

A fresh-faced woman in soft colors immersed in the greenery of nature, with plain clothing and a simple style.


But what if the green woman of the future were to be an audacious woman with decisive style, made up of intense colors, who lives amidst the skyscrapers and loves nature because she is knowingly choosing to safeguard the wellbeing of her planet?


This is how Elgon sees her and it is based on this philosophy that Cyber Nature, the fourth and final theme of the Carpe Diem collection, has been developed: a futuristic, rebellious and chic style, ideal for those who favour the most extreme of looks, whilst simultaneously living life today with a view to the future, through their own individuality.

IMAGEA, the undisputed protagonist of the theme, is the first eco-friendly line that guarantees a professional performance in line with the most exacting standards geared towards sustainability. IMAGEA is the coming together of science and nature, where everything starts with the choice of plant-based raw materials, organic extracts and ingredients from sustainable trade, without however foregoing the efficacy of the products themselves.


So, what else is new?

With Cyber Nature, we are continuing the discussion on personalisation. The IMAGEA line is made up of both products and rituals designed to meet the multiple needs of contemporary women, who are no longer satisfied with standardised treatments, but want to be pampered with products that respect their uniqueness!


What novelties does Cyber Nature have in store for us? As of today, three new allies will be available in salons:

  • FUSION OIL BLEND, simply add to a mask or conditioner for the perfect nourishing ritual. Our special blend is composed of an extraordinary combination of oils hailing from different parts of the world.
  • PURE RESIN, the gel for long-lasting styling that completes each and every professional ritual. The result is both surprising and unexpected, especially since it is 100% natural resin-based.
  • SUPREME SHINE, an innovative dual-action treatment considered by many to be the helping hand that professionals had been waiting for: when applied after rinsing off color, it seals the hair, closes the cuticles and maintains color vibrancy, thereby enhancing shine; when used as a conditioner, it helps to maintain color over time, providing hair with hydration, shine and luminosity.


We have also welcomed a series of new hair color products: our DUSTY shades have landed and offer an entirely new concept with astounding results. Gel textures, gentle formulas with organic extracts and truly surprising results.


All that’s left for you to do now is try these products for yourself!

Still don’t have a green line in your salon? Want to try the IMAGEA products?

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