Capture the emotion. Pick just the right setting and frame. Get the lighting just so. Find the most telling detail. Then, take the shot! Today marks the official start of the Elgon Days Contest, the online competition that rewards the photograph that best represents your passion for your work. As we said already in the previous post, this is the perfect opportunity for hairstylists to show an international forum the professionalism that sets their art and their salon apart from all the rest.

This is because the Elgon Days Contest is open to participating hairstylists from all over the world, led by Elgon professionals acting as their ‘inspirational guides’. After clicking on their own geographical area, each participant will be associated with a special coach who will be the spokesperson for the values and features of the Elgon world for the entire duration of the contest.

For example, Team Domenico will be able to count on the boundless passion of its captain, electrified by that rock spirit that is his alone. Then there is Rosanna’s dazzling smile as it transmits to her team her all encompassing enthusiasm and desire to win. Those who put themselves to the test in Team Yolanda can be inspired by her desire to ride the waves of the most innovative trends, astonishing the public with avant-garde effects. Then there are those who will express their deepest artistic sensibilities through Team Zoey’s creative influence or those in Team Veronica who will play with and interpret haircolors as a metaphor for the diversity of personalities.

To be very clear, the Elgon coach’s role and characteristics should not be taken rigidly as some sort of guideline for the snapshots you will take. On the contrary, joining a team should be seen as just a stimulus to direct and inspire the image you want to convey. You must not forget how important it is that you all feel free to express yourselves.

Also, as already mentioned in the post on the presentation of this initiative, the five winners will then get the chance to meet Domenico, Rosanna, Yolanda, Zoey and Veronica at the 2018 Elgon Inspiring Days, where they will be protagonists in this international training event.

If you love to put yourself to the test, challenge your skills and if you are certain about your passion for your work, then what are you waiting for? Click here to enter the Elgon Days Contest!