Shading your hair with Imagea

In last week’s blog post, we found out about the new 2017/2018 trend: Fallayage.

If you are wondering if this haircolor technique would be right for your hair combined with your skin tone and eye colour, the answer is YES! Seeing is believing!

Actually, all you need to do is choose the right tone and you too can get fantastic results. The effect is very natural on brown hair and on true brunettes, it is absolutely enlightening for women with lighter toned hair.

Fallayage is a perfect blend that looks great on blondes and brown haired women because it gives a subtle result, that is not too showy but that can harmonise the features of your face.

To keep up with this season’s trends, Elgon suggests using the brand’s green line, Imagea by Elgon Green.

Imagea Color in Gel, with its 27 nuances and its gentle formulation (free of PPDs, resorcin, ammonia, parabens or perfumes), gives you the chance to have decisive and attractive haircolor while keeping in tune with nature. The special formula ensures full-bodied, brilliant and regenerative haircolor, which respects your sensitive scalp and skin.

The nuances are innovative and fashionable because they are inspired by nature’s colors: from the “Nature” series and from the “Sand” colors and the “Cereals” nuances. The voyage continues with “Terrarossa”, “Fire” and “Bark”: a special series of correctors that will let your hairstylist personalize each customer’s haircolor making every one look and feel special.

This line lets you play with the colors, to experiment and create progressive lifting giving great depth to your hair. To bring these shades out even more, choose a wavy or curly style and match it with audacious lipsticks with bright red and burgundy tones.

If you feel the winds of change and you want to add a touch of the romantic to your look, Fallayage is just the thing for you!