We have always been certain that the project with COOPI would become very important for us. But, that it would win over so many people outside the scope of our work was a wonderful confirmation we had during the 2018 Cosmoprof Trade Fair.

We decided to talk about Elgon’s commitment and Serena Caimano’s first-hand experience – when she went to the villages in Sierra Leone to meet the women farmers and workers involved – precisely to sensitize public opinion on the problems in lesser developed parts of the world. We chose to provide support for young women, mothers and wives, who needed to learn a trade so they could become financially independent and support their families. We decided that our help would best be utilized if it was given through education, an intangible asset, which is difficult to monetize, yet ever so strategic if applied properly. Thanks to the support of the many visitors at Elgon’s booth who purchased our products, we were able to collect enough to cover 301 hours of training to donate to the COOPI cause.

Our intention is to give the women of Sierra Leone the tools they need to build their future with awareness, by starting up an export market for cashew nuts. This is how the “Plant the Future”, programme was begun, whose core pursuit is to give comprehensive knowledge of the entire supply chain for this precious food product. This is also why courses on food hygiene, food safety, crop cultivation and field management, where a growing number of women can participate, are so important.

We are talking about a long and difficult path, which we are proud to have undertaken, because we have always been convinced that a good dose of solidarity can provide real hope in a less developed part of the world.

That is also why we wish to extend our thanks to each and every individual who has given us their support through believing in this project together with us. We are just at the beginning of this long journey. However, we are working hard to find even more effective solutions to the problems of giving aid to Sierra Leone, including direct donations. Keep reading to remain informed of our progress.