Our Imagea forest on the web is growing

The world is witnessing a climate change alarm. According to the 2017 report prepared by the Global Carbon Project, world CO2 emissions are on the rise again. There is a risk that we will record an increase of +2% by the end of the year. Such an important problem demands an urgent global response from every government. However, all of us as individuals can also make a small but significant contribution toward saving the planet.

For example, we here at Elgon have entrusted Elgon Green – the green spirit of our company – with the charge of giving an appropriate response, which can be properly combined with our philosophy of environmental sustainability. That is why we decided to plant a tree. Actually, an entire forest, in Kenya. This is because we believe that reforestation of rural areas can be one of the significant steps toward protection of our ecosystem and therefore toward the wellbeing of all people.

We took this opportunity thanks to Treedom, the web platform specialized in high performance ecological and social endeavours, which since 2010 has planted more than 370,000 trees in Africa, Latin America and Italy. Treedom has allowed its partners to become co-authors of this small but significant gesture, of giving live plants and watching them grow and develop online. More than 21,000 farmers were involved in this project. These farmers plant and care for these trees daily thereby benefiting from all of the advantages coming from them including their fruit. As the plants row, they absorb CO2 and produce Oxygen. The trees also bind the earth with their roots and contribute to strengthening biodiversity, while also making the areas where they are planted more beautiful. This is a simple action, which nonetheless provides a generalised improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the local areas chosen and links to the greater cause of environmental sustainability.

Tree after tree we have been successful in involving colleagues, customers, friends and acquaintances. Everyone has been especially enthusiastic about receiving the gift of a plant that they can adopt. At the same time, our Imagea forest is expanding. It has now reached 350 trees. In Kenya, this result translated into the capture of around 198,000 kg of CO2, which would fill up 1,034 semi-trailers. This is a success that makes us proud of our green thumb, while making us motivated to continue following this path, or rather, this forest.