Mother Science: Elgon’s Green Philosophy

The green trend is now law in the cosmetics industry. According to Mintel – a global leader in Market Research – the cosmetics of the future will be natural, personalised, socially responsible and technological. All the brands are working on complying with these features to offer products that are more and more appealing.

But what is happening in the beauty and hairstyling industry? Certainly, even in this sector, demand for natural products and services by the public is seeing constant growth. However, we at Elgon realized that the publicity about these products and their ingredients can often be confusing and not always correct. This makes it difficult for hairstylists to distinguish between products that are truly natural and those that are just assumed to be natural.

That is why we created “Mother Science”, a new standard for professional cosmetics, which is giving the industry a clear benchmark. The product of rigorous scientific research, these products use as many ecological materials and eco-sustainable and plant derived ingredients as possible. The next step was to create the Mother Science Technical Specifications. This is a complete document, which allows hairstylists to comprehend the values that underlie this approach by being able to see for themselves the advantages and benefits of this innovative model of beauty in the products they use.

But what are the principles followed by these Specifications?

  • Combine the advantages of being natural with the products’ performance
  • Prefer plant origin raw materials
  • Choose ingredients from organic farming
  • Use processes that respect the environment during manufacturing and at waste disposal
  • Purchase raw materials from developing geographical areas, to support needy populations to whom sustainability projects can be dedicated
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment in those areas of the planet that need it most, also through sustainable projects

Mother Science is Elgon’s way of expressing its green approach to the whole world. That is how we created Imagea, a line of products suitable for vegans, free of silicones, parabens, petrolates and formaldehyde donors. Have we aroused your curiosity? To remind you of Imagea’s exceptional properties we invite you to follow our blog: we will be talking about it soon!