Marco Girotti interprets the 2018 Elgon Elegance Collection Women Edition

We are continuing our interview with Marco Girotti, Elgon Global Artist, who, with extreme professionalism and attention to detail, has been working on the Elgon Elegance Collection Women Edition.

– The first mood in the Collection is “Mother Earth”, a style inspired by nature. The Elgon Green Imagea line has the key products for this mood. Marco, it seems you share the same passion for the world of green that Elgon has?
“I adore our planet and the world of green! I am a nature lover. I love spending time in contact with nature and the idea of nature conservation by using products that are as natural as possible! It is so very exciting knowing that Elgon is supporting nature and has a green line.”
The IMAGEA line was created to respect the environment where we live and the innate splendour of our hair. IMAGEA is a Vegan-friendly line formulated with plant-origin active ingredients. Each product contains at least one organic ingredient (Barley proteins, Orange Extract, Pomegranate Extract) and one ingredient from sustainable agriculture, which provides support to rural communities in developing countries (Kalahari Desert Melon Oil, Extract of Laotian Violet Rice and Quinoa Extract from the Andes). Plus, the products are free of SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens, petrolates, PEG, formaldehyde donors, or synthetic dyes.

– The second mood in the Elgon Elegance Women Collection is “Girls on the go” dedicated to intense, energetic women with their dynamic exuberance. Marco, how do you transmit all that intense energy in the Girls on the go styling?
“I dare say, with total simplicity but also with careful attention to details. A dynamic yet versatile cut and styling based on intriguing ponytails.”
To give the styling a perfect finish, we used Argan Oil Supreme and Affixx Foam Strong Hold 80, ideal for creating the Girls on the Go styles.
– Marco, what other products give you satisfaction and unleash your creativity?
Hair Lift! It’s the best! I have found this product to be exceptional. It was created as a powder volumizer but I use it to get different results. For example, I use it on the ends to create separation. I mix it with Elastic Paste to create a different consistency from the two products to give texture to the hair. I also use it as a base for hairstyles; in some cases, it can replace teasing. I use it when I am making a braid to create a more organic and less-defined effect. What I mean is I use it all the time for everything!”

– Last, but no less important, is the “Tom boy Femme” mood. Marco, how do you interpret a women using this style?
“She is a woman who wants to be like he is and he is one who wants to be like she is! This is not just putting on someone else’s T-shirt. It is about being different. I find a Tom boy Femme woman to be androgynous while making it very clear that she is who she wants to be. She is sure of herself, firm and a little intimidating.”

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