Link-D: beauty starts with healthy, strong hair

Color is like temptation, difficult to resist. This is true even for hairstylists, who through experimenting with new cuts, colors and styles, satisfy their need to express their individual creativity.

Nancy Lin, Technical Educator at Elgon Taiwan, loves to experiment on herself. Nancy has hair that is extremely robust and difficult to bleach, yet she loves pastel shades. To avoid stressing and damaging her hair, Nancy uses Link-D, the reconstructive Elgon treatment that maintains the health, vitality and body of the hair, ensuring fabulous color in no time at all.

Nancy is not alone in her appreciation of this product; in fact, it is used more often than not during photo shoots to make the models’ hair, which undergoes frequent treatments, both stronger and healthier. In fact, Claudio Fusco, hairstylist at the F.M. Salon, has added the following:

For photo shoots, the looks created have to be better than perfect and we frequently have to bleach and color the model’s hair. But that’s not all! Often, the same model is used for several images with different looks. The hair cannot lose its strength and beauty. Link-D, in these cases, is a powerful weapon. I always use it, even in the salon, since it restructures the hair and restores the vitality that we otherwise risk losing. The active ingredients in Link-D don’t just work on the hair’s exterior but also penetrate right to its core. I wholeheartedly recommend it”.

The Creative Director at Elgon, has also confirmed his customers’ love of the Link-D treatment:

Sometimes the hairstylist will ask the customer if they want a hair treatment. With Link-D, there’s no need: the customers are asking for it before they’ve even sat down! I’ve tried hundreds of treatments over many years in the business and can tell you in all honesty that with Link-D not only do the colors last longer, but they genuinely look better for it. They really and truly look healthier and the hair is easier to manage at home. It’s every salon’s number one product!

Seeing is believing!

How does Link-D work?

Link-D is a four-phase reconstructive treatment:
BOND LINKER N°1 creates new disulfide bonds during the coloring process;
BOND MAGNIFIER N°2 strengthens and consolidates these;
BOND KEEPER N°3 preserves their strength;
BOND SEALER N°4 binds the amino acids present in the formula with those of the hair cuticles, blocking humidity and preventing the color from fading.

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