ELGON GREEN 3Green is not just the new 2017 Pantone color, it is also a true lifestyle and way of thinking, leading us to the desire to renew ourselves and get back into contact with nature. Green symbolizes rebirth, renewal and regeneration, letting us breathe, and gain a more positive and more natural outlook toward every aspect of our lives.

Living a more sustainable life costs some effort because it requires commitment. It is totally worth it, whether for our planet or as it effects our own lives. By now, many of our daily habits are entering into a regular green routine. One example is how we eat: consuming more seasonal foods and more locally grown zero-Km products is certainly one of the first good habits that we can use to cut costs and reduce pollution. Other examples are recycling reusable products or using alternative transportation, aside from our cars, like a bicycle. This reduces expenses, doesn’t pollute and is also good for our health.

Even in the world of cosmetics, there is an ever-growing trend to look for natural products made from natural, plant origin and sustainable raw materials.
To meet this growing need, with the coming of the new season, Elgon is becoming green with the launch of its new Elgon Green brand product line, Imagea

Imagea is the product of rigorous scientific research defined by a clear and precise set of product standards called “Mother Science”, which set out the guidelines for the manufacture of professional cosmetics using plant derived and eco-sustainable ingredients and packaging materials that are as ecological as possible.

Imagea products are suitable for vegans. They contain no silicone, parabens, petrolates, synthetic dyes, formaldehyde donors or PEGs. Furthermore, the packaging is eco-sustainable with tubes and labels in bioplastic made from sugarcane bagasse, while the bottles and jars are made of recycled PET.

Imagea has a complete line of haircolor and haircare products, indicated for all hair types, from hair that is dry and damaged to natural, oily or fine hair.