How to give lacklustre hair back its radiance with Argan Supreme Oil


Radiance has always been a symbol of strength, even in haircare. To give even lacklustre and rebellious hair back its radiance, Elgon has created Argan Supreme Oil. One miraculous elixir that tames all hair types and utilises all the beneficial properties of argan oil.

With Argan Supreme Oil, you can achieve a smooth and soft finish in an instant, thanks to this fast-absorbing elixir. An invaluable ally to perfect each and every look!

Our experts used it in the photo shoot for our Modavation book, the current theme buzzing with color, lightness and creativity. In addition to hairstylists, even models are appreciating the effect that the product has on their hair.

Peter Finn, the model posing on this page, told us the following:

I discovered the Argan line before a photo shoot. To prep my hair before styling, the hairstylist applied the entire line in three distinct steps: shampoo, conditioner and oil. I have to admit that when I arrived my hair was frizzy and damaged from using hair-dryers and straighteners, but these products truly work miracles. Not only was my hair exceptionally glossy, but it was also soft and revitalised. A true haircare indulgence”.

An indulgence that hairstylists love to gift their customers, as explained by Domenico Semeraro, Technical Advisor at Elgon:

Argan is my favourite oil when I need to make even the most rebellious of hair easier to comb and provide shine; not only does it make the hair appear more hydrated, but it also adds a surprising silkiness. I adore its versatility both before and after styling”.

Being satisfied with oneself and the result achieved is the number one way to satisfy even the most exacting of customers.

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