High Quality Green Professional Products

blogHairstylists, being experts in haircare and beauty, are ever on the lookout for top quality professional products, capable of always guaranteeing exceptional performance and results. A skilful professional is also recognised by the products that he or she selects and uses on the job.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find the right compromise between performance and quality. Products that guarantee high performance bear the risk of containing ingredients that are often too aggressive toward the hair or the environment. On the other hand, totally organic, natural products may be lacking in effectiveness.

Furthermore, salons are ever more often being faced with customers who are better informed about products and more demanding in their requests. Because of the web, customers are becoming better informed as they study and ask for what they need personally for their haircare and skincare requirements.

Everyone knows that green products have been all the rage in recent years, not just in haircare products but also for cosmetics. That is precisely why more and more hairdressers are encountering ever-increasing numbers of their customers asking them for greener and more natural services.

Imagea was created precisely to meet this need! The line was designed to use formulations that are as gentle as possible, which also ensure high performance and versatility. The salons that use Elgon Green’s Imagea want to offer a gentler alternative, with natural products that give the same performance as traditional products, made with ingredients inspired by nature and originating from sustainable agriculture.

Choosing Imagea means promoting gentle products that respect people’s health and the environment and provide an excellent final result. Is your salon ready to embrace an aware, eco-sustainable lifestyle, with a vision oriented toward top quality professional results?