HAIR DETOX, luxury becomes routine

Wisdom dictates that we should be treating our scalp as if it were an extension of our face, taking care of it in the same way that we look after the skin on our body.

According to Google, 40% of online searches regard scalp-related problems and some of the most popular search terms include hair loss, dandruff and itching.

If cleansing our face is important, then the same can be said for our scalp and hair, since thorough cleansing allows any applied treatments to be better received.

This is essential even for healthy scalps, free from dandruff and irritation.

The intensive use of hair-styling products, diet and, most importantly, smog and pollution, can take their toll on anyone’s hair, not just those who live in big cities.

The watchword therefore becomes ‘deep cleansing’, intended to purge hair and scalp of impurities and polluting particles, and condition for optimum health.

How? With a routine similar to that practised on face and body: periodic exfoliation, cleansing, purifying and detoxifying treatments.

Haircare and skincare have never been more comparable and caring for our hair and scalp is the new luxury within everyone’s reach.

This has led to the arrival of the ‘hair detox’, the scalp and hair purification ritual that helps to prevent imperfections and maintain condition.

The first step involves a good scrub to deeply cleanse the skin and remove any suffocating dead cells, in addition to eventual residues, so that the successive treatments are able to penetrate more deeply (the term ‘scalp scrub’ is currently trending on Google!).

To detox our hair, Elgon offers Phytogommage from the IMAGEA line, the exfoliating pre-shampoo with Tamanu micro-granules, which work to purge toxins, and Kalahari melon oil, which protects and hydrates the scalp.

An exfoliating ritual to be offered in the salon approximately every two weeks, since this is the average time that it takes for the skin to regenerate and for the cells to be renewed.

Even our choice of shampoo is key, with products formulated using gentle surfactants and rich in both antioxidants and ingredients to protect the hair and scalp being preferable.

Try our IMAGEA ESSENTIAL shampoo and conditioner with purple rice extract and revitalising, antioxidant-rich orange essential oil.

To finish in style, apply Phytoguard to either wet or dry hair: this product is rich in plant-based ingredients and offers protection from pollution, humidity and UV rays.

The perfect finishing touch to your detox ritual!

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