Gloria Bombarda, exceptional reporter for Hairstyle Elgon







We asked Gloria Bombarda, the “colourful” La Borsa di Mary Poppins influencer and fashion and beauty buff, to take a closer look at the latest Milan catwalks and scrutinise the most important hairstyles. And here’s here reportage which obviously includes the brand new Elgon Affixx products!

“The 2018/2019 season is coming with changes in the air. The Milan fashion catwalks launched new hairstyle trends. And I couldn’t miss out! Would you like to know some and find out which Elgon products can be used to create them?

The updo with a sleek effect will be all the rage: a wet and super tidy effect at the top with a deliberately wavy and full-bodied at the bottom. Elgon’s best ally for this hairstyle is surely Affixx Gel Extra: a gel with a strong hold that grants an elastic and wet look on hair without leaving residue.

If you don’t want to give up on full-body, no problem! The 2018/2019 fall/winter season is marked by fluffy looks, sixties’ style teased hair and flip styles. Do you remember Jackie Kennedy? You can obtain these looks with the new Affixx Pump It! product, easily styling hair without weighing it down. It can be used on the roots or length based on the look you want to achieve, for a full-bodied look all day long or higher impact style.

Lastly, another trend that I particularly liked, the accentuated side part is back in style, the one they wore in the 80s and 90s: to naturally add body and worn with a defined wave or more wild one. Two other new Affixx line products will help you achieve these looks.

Prep It! the pre-styling spray to add support and natural body without weighing down and damaging hair with a dryer, best for those with thin and limp hair (something I know a lot about!). And Shine It!, the spray that gives your hair a perfect shine, eliminating static cling without weighing down hair and avoiding that hair spray feeling.

With these products not only can you achieve impeccable styles, but your hair will be stronger, thanks to Soyactive, a gradual release soy protein based compound that moisturises, strengthens and protects hair. An important detail for those – like me – care about both beauty and hair care!

The choices are endless: trends for every look are in style this season and Elgon helps us to create these hairstyles! Now it’s up to you! What’s your favourite trend?”