From soy protein to Affixx: presenting the Elgon line that also enhances curly hair

One whim for each curl. This old Italian folk saying has some truth to it: taming rebellious and often frizzy hair can be a real challenge, with results that aren’t always guaranteed.

Within the Elgon Research & Development department, the team has worked tirelessly to provide concrete solutions, which are easy to apply and that, above all, are highly effective. The right products were developed by focusing on two key aspects:  “strength and hydration”.

Our aim was to find a solution that would act on the shape, beauty and health of the hair simultaneously”, explains Erica Ruvutuso, R&D department at Elgon. “We are aware that nourishment is the basis for maintaining any hairstyle. With this in mind, thanks to latest-generation technology that slowly delivers soy protein to the hair, we devised the perfect solution. This is how Affixx was developed”.

Affixx – as anticipated by Erica – is the Elgon line dedicated to styling and finishing.  It is characterised by the presence of Soyactiv®, a unique complex made up of a matrix of polysaccharides, i.e. a lattice, in which the soy protein is effectively ‘imprisoned’. On applying the Affixx products, the lattice adheres to the hair and the protein is slowly released into the hair shaft, where it is absorbed. All of the products in the Affixx line also contain a UV filter that acts as a barrier and protects the hair’s colour from the damaging effects of the sun, slowing down the fading process over time. The result: stronger, shinier and softer hair that is easier to comb, for styles characterised by simplicity and elegance.

How then can Affixx come to the rescue of unruly hair? The answer lies in a product called Tame It!, an anti-frizz, anti-humidity cream that banishes static and hydrates the hair, whilst providing both shine and softness. This special product has a dual function: on the one hand, it supports and defines curls, whilst on the other, it protects and maintains the style that could potentially ‘explode’ over the course of the day. What’s more, thanks to the UV filter, Tame It! is also perfect for use in the summer months.

You now have the right tools to tackle all and any weather condition, flaunting hair that is both healthy and beautiful. Seeing is believing!