#ElgonElegance, interview with Jon and Christopher

Even though it has been three months since the second edition of Elgon Inspiring Days, the enthusiasm has not waned. The collection is quickly reaching every part of the world.

So, we decided to interview Christopher Cameron, Elgon’s International Education Manager and co-creator of the #elgonelegance collection and Jon Withrington, International Educator, to ask their opinion on exactly which product it was that made this collection great.

Christopher, please tell us something about your favorite product.

“I love Moda&Styling, Elgon’s permanent cosmetic cream haircoloring by oxidation, because as the name suggests it enables me to create high fashion effects with great style.

For this Moda&Styling was fundamental in the creation of Elgon Elegance Milan Edition Collection. We needed high pigmented colours with amazing shine to guarantee the most photogenic and brilliant of colours.”

Jon, please tell us something about your favorite product.

“My favourite product launched from Elgon Elegance had to be our latest additions to the I|Care family. The pastels really is such a fantastic tool as it is for two key people, the professional and the client.

The professional as they can now quickly and effectively tone the hair with ease whilst adding great condition and shine which are results every client will love. For me the hero is the Pastel Violet. When left on it creates this stunning delicate lavender hue however if only left on for around 1-2 minutes it will beautifully tone blonde hair with its anti-yellow properties.

These products really are fantastic that are very much results driven. Beautiful delicate tones that will add condition to the hair while enabling no commitment. Perfect for any fashionista that changes their hair frequently”