Elgon takes the field to #SHARETHEFUTURE

Quality is no longer the only criteria we take into consideration when we pick a product: we are more and more aware of how brands feel towards ethical issues, and we expect them to take a stance on social, cultural, environmental and political topics.

In Italy, for instance, 71% of the people interviewed claim that they want to buy goods and services provided by companies that reflect their own values (according to a survey of the Italian Associated Press from April 15th 2019). A 2018 Pwc Italy study recorded that 39% of those born between 1980 and 2010 are willing to pay among 5% and over 10% more for products with low environmental and social impact.

 Elgon feels the same way: cosmetic products are not mere beauty products. They are a response to the wonder of creation and a celebration of the intimate beauty of human beings and nature, while respecting the freedom and equality of the former.

“Through work, life on Earth can be born again”

Elgon has chosen to support COOPI through a project aimed at about 2,500 women and their communities in Sierra Leone. The goal is to promote training and to share knowledge in order to encourage greater participation of women in decision-making processes, and to build a better future for the population of Sierra Leone.

Why Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa that is infamously best known for its great, dramatic stories: the slave trade, the diamond war, Ebola, to mention a few. To this day, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. The civil war that lasted from 1991 to 2002 had particularly devastating consequences, aside from horror and poverty. The war increased the need to make women more independent than in the past, so that they could work and support their families and the community, taking the place of the casualties or the wounded among the men.

This is why COOPI has put particular attention in his project on food safety and on the production and marketing of cashews, which represent an important opportunity to achieve economic independence.

Elgon has already shown its commitment by donating 1000 seedlings and involving 400 women in training activities. Now it’s time to spread the competences gained through these experiences with a campaign that will make it possible to move from one village to the other in order to share similar experiences: #sharethefuture.

When professionals and customers choose Elgon products, they are choosing to help COOPI in their mission to actually give a better future to many women, families and communities.


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about professional education…