Dye your hair “green” with biotechs!

In the last few years, biotechnology has moved out of the medical sphere to beauty, meeting a new way of formulating cosmetic products that conjugates nature with science. Thanks to biotechnology it is now possible to recreate active ingredients with a high naturalness index.

What’s biotechnology? Biotechnology is a game changer in the field of beauty industry, since it recreates endangered or over-consumed actives using cell cultures, which can provide a much higher concentration of actives than a typical extract. Along with the long-lasting usage of plant-derived ingredients as a more ethical substitute of the animal-derived ones in the Beauty industry, quality and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to this controlled environment. Sounds like hitting the jackpot, doesn’t it?

Consumers don’t want a trade-off between efficacy and sustainability, thus biotechnology offers a chance to combine effective, science-driven and environmentally-friendly formulas. Lab-made molecules are not only more sustainable but also more effective, since they can be manipulated to achieve better results.

Beauty is also reliant on pioneering ways to reduce the environmental impact and increase sustainability: the benefits of biotechnology are plenty, but among all an environmentally friendly disposal is crucial, being less harmful for human health and the surrounding environment.

Elgon always keeps up with the latest trends and innovations, hence it has been decided to add biotechnologically fermented actives to its new products to increase the effects of the products themselves. The active ingredient has been extracted through a bacterial fermentation process. It allows you to save a large amount of water and to obtain a more concentrated, purer and more effective extract!

Now all you have to do is try them!