Immerse yourself in the atmosphere, close your eyes and teleport: pink sunsets, seagulls on Venice Beach, skaters at sunset, roller-bladers, poolside parties and palm trees. California has always been a source of inspiration, especially for the cinema industry with productions such as ‘The Nice Guys’, flaunting vintage men’s fashion.

Silicon Valley, the valley of innovation, technological revolution and digital research, is where lifelong ambitions are fulfilled, and where Steve Jobs started work on Apple 1 in 1976, with Google being founded twenty years later in a garage in Los Angeles.

This land, so awash with promise, opportunities and innovation, has been home to Elgon Italy – LLC for over 20 years now. The Elgon sister company, in partnership with Advanced Salon Concepts (the beauty-oriented family-run business founded in 2014 by Mike Seiser), distributes products and offers training activities to over 900 salons in southern California.

“Treat people how you want to be treated” is Mike’s favourite saying: with honesty, integrity and continual support. It is this approach that makes ASC a strategic partner.

When asked why southern Californians can’t get enough of Elgon products, Mike always says it’s  because the products actually work!


This spring will be brimming with events for Elgon Italy – LLC.

In April, Elgon Italy Education, in collaboration with ASC, played host to the very first Educational Hair Show on occasion of Beauty Fest 2019. Ambassador Lisa Hernandez and Educator Gaby Garcia presented seven different classes to over 750 people in total, teaching them all about the brand, Elgon’s products, all the latest company developments and techniques available to support hairstylists.

What’s more, Elgon Italy – LLC will once again be taking part at Premiere Orlando, the country’s largest international trade show for the beauty industry, a real opportunity to meet companies, professionals and consumers.

Elgon Italy – LLC will be present at stand no. 5575 in pavilion D2 on the 2nd and 3rd of June. As was the case at Cosmoprof Bologna 2019, visitors will have the chance to receive a personalised hair color product with the i|LIGHT of their choice. Moreover, with each purchase made at the fair, our customers will be contributing to the COOPI ‘Share The Future’ project and will effectively be donating kilometres to the women of Sierra Leone, enabling them to share their entrepreneurial experiences and train other women.


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about Total Blonde…