Christmas by Elgon: 5 products for treating yourself to an extra helping of festive beauty

This Christmas, treat yourself to a touch of beauty. The kind that comes from the heart, but also fills you with self-confidence, making you feel unique and special.

This Christmas Elgon, always a girl’s best friend, with haircare, colouring and styling solutions for enhancing the beauty of her hair, is offering a selection of products suitable for all requirements.

Here are the top 5 products you need to treat yourself to a beautiful Christmas:

Hair too short to create intricate hairstyles? Get maximum shine with SHINE IT!, the shine spray that leaves your hairstyle looking extra radiant.  For a touch of style sure to turn heads!

Thinking of styling your hair this Christmas? If you only have one product, make sure it’s PUMP IT!, the texturising spray that makes your hair easy to style any way you like and keeps its in place all day long.

PREP IT! is the perfect universal product for all hair types: a pre-styling spray that restores shape and volume to even the finest hair, making it easy to dry and without weighing it down.

On the lookout for a special product that will keep your style in place without leaving a sticky residue? FIX IT! is the ultra-hold lacquer that challenges the laws of gravity. Perfect for sealing all types of hairstyles so that you can dance the night away trouble-free right into 2019.

And for those seeking a stunning new look for the New Year? Moda&Styling is the line of colours that undergoes continuous development to offer a full range of shades always bang up to date with the latest trends. It does all this while taking good care of the hair, thanks to the presence of SILKER COMPLEX 3® PLUS, the formula that rebuilds the cuticles and ensures an even more vibrant colour.

Now you have your wishlist for a beauty-packed Christmas and New Year! If you’ve been good, the choice is yours!