Carpe Diem, the new Elgon Collection. Over to our Elgon hairstylists and hair trend experts

A journey into beauty that becomes lifestyle: this best characterises Carpe Diem, the new Elgon Collection that develops across four themes:  Monochromatic, Modavation, Blonde Ambition and Cyber Nature.

We have already presented this innovative concept by delving deep into the technical features of Monochromatic, the first of the four themes that comprises the Collection.

Today, we’d like to hand you over to the experts who have shaped Carpe Diem, by touching on both inner and outer beauty through various different styles with the help of innovative products, whilst also working in close contact with people, to learn about their passions and aspirations.

Carpe Diem encapsulates the great desire to always be ahead of the game, to seize the moment in each and everything that you do”, explained Christopher Cameron, Creative Director at Elgon. “For example, as part of the Elgon team, our day job entails identifying what matters to our hair industry customers and understanding what they need in any given moment, as ever with a view to both present and future trends”.

So, it’s not all about being creative and more so about being visionary, i.e. having the ability to anticipate projects and ideas that go beyond today’s trends, as always with a focus on colour, the element that sets the Elgon brand apart and that represents the leitmotif that runs throughout all four themes of the Collection.

In Monochromatic, for instance, colour represents the vibrant note in a world monopolised by shades of grey. “When I think about this word, a black and white film springs to mind, one of those hopelessly romantic ones”, commented Marco Girotti, Elgon Global Artist. “My interpretation of Monochromatic in terms of hair involves soft shapes with soft curls and elegant updos, yet with a touch of modernity. Colour is one of the expressions of this contemporaneity”.

Considering the resounding success of this first Elgon Collection style in terms of interest and curiosity, Christopher Cameron bids us a fond farewell with a suggestion to best interpret Monochromatic, with a focus on the use of toners as an essential resource to achieve a truly unparalleled look: “Combine two contradictory colours in one application to create something extraordinarily sophisticated!”

A suggestion that resonates like an invitation that’s difficult to decline.
When it comes to this collection… seeing really is believing!