Imagea: enhanced beauty and wellbeing for our hair with the Haircare line. Part 2

In the previous article, we made reference to the two lines developed for specific hair types. In this article, we would like to tell you all about them in more detail, so that you are fully aware of their benefits.

The Essential category is distinguished by the purple detailing on its packaging and is indicated for natural fine and/or oily hair. It contains nourishing and hydrating Purple Rice Extract originating from Laos, revitalising Orange Extract and Orange Essential Oil with its irresistible fragrance.
Essential Shampoo is a cool, gentle gel that provides hair with a sensation of wellbeing and is also characterised by the wonderful fragrance of Orange Essential Oil to stimulate the senses. Moreover, thanks to Extracts of Lao Purple Rice, this product also possesses revitalising and antioxidant properties.
Essential Hair Balm, thanks to its lightweight emulsion and delicate fragrance, represents a moment of pure wellbeing. The hydrating, revitalising and antioxidant properties of Lao Purple Rice and Orange Extract combine with the nourishing prowess of Shea Butter to condition the hair without weighing it down.

The Absolute category is instead distinguished by the ochre detailing on its packaging and is indicated for coloured, dry and/or damaged hair. It contains protecting and nourishing Quinoa Extract originating from the Andes and antioxidant-rich Organic Pomegranate Extract for colour protection.
Absolute Shampoo, thanks to its rich and creamy consistency, gently cleanses and envelops dry and/or treated hair resulting in a natural silk effect, whilst also protecting colour.
Absolute Mask is the epitome of indulgent haircare: a rich treatment, enhanced by the presence of Olive Oil, to protect colour whilst also promoting profound nourishment and immediate shine.

Phytoguard works for everyone, it is the latest arrival in the Imagea line and has been designed as a key ally to counteract the effects of atmospheric pollution on our hair. A precious nectar, rich in plant extracts boasting irresistible aquatic-musky notes, this new beauty product forms a barrier that counteracts the worst of the damage caused by pollution and UV rays. The active ingredients, in fact, form a protective layer over the hair, whilst also exerting an antioxidant action and reducing frizz in humid conditions.