Let’s make one thing clear: beauty is not about looking perfect but expressing your personality, knowingly enhancing your strengths and uniqueness.

This also means taking care of yourself so that you always put your best foot forward. That said, time is in short supply and we sometimes end up simply giving up, entrusting virtual reality to ‘repair’ and enhance our image with magical beauty apps.

In light of this, how can we reconcile hectic days buzzing with commitments with selfie or Instagram story-ready looks as we dash from the gym to aperitifs with friends?

We’re seeking instant beauty solutions! We all want to be seen looking our best at all times.

So, what do we need? Safe, effective cosmetics that work their magic in the blink of an eye: this is the dream of hairstylists and increasingly demanding modern-day consumers. Products that help us to achieve our beauty goals in a flash.

Standard cosmetics need to be used with regularity and their use takes time, meaning many consumers quickly lose their patience.

Until just a few years ago, the idea of a formula that could work its magic in as little as a few minutes seemed too good to be true, yet new formulas capable of guaranteeing increasingly instant results are now progressively being developed. Formulas enriched with technological ingredients that, in addition to fulfilling their intended purpose, are also capable of providing real results in a matter of minutes.

The concept of quality has evolved over time and in today’s society – where everything happens at great speed – the efficiency, safety and experiences alone are not enough to ensure the success of a product: modern cosmetics have to act quickly to satisfy the needs of contemporary consumers. The speed at which the product works therefore represents the real challenge.

They are the ‘sprinters’ of the beauty industry, the category of cosmetics that, thanks to their formulas, accelerate the results of a normal beauty routine.

Elgon satisfies the need for instant results by revamping and expanding its celebrated LUMINOIL line. The conditioning INSTANT SYNERGY mousse, for an express hydrating and protective treatment, is already a well-established bestseller and is set to become the fourth product of the Luminoil line. Our CLARIFYING SHAMPOO pH 7.5, no-rinse INSTANT MOISTURE BOOST conditioner, and INSTANT DRY SHAMPOO (for last-minute style touch-ups), complete the line.


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