Awaiting the Elgon Days Contest: an emotional challenge until the last photograph is standing

“The photograph itself doesn’t interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.”


What does passion look like?

That is the question we started with to organize the Elgon Days Contest. This is your opportunity to capture, in one photograph, the emotions that animate the hairstylist’s profession every day.

“Are you a hairstylist? Do you love your job? Show us in a photograph that represents your passion for what you do by transmitting the emotion that makes you proud of your professionalism in one snapshot!

Are you ready to get involved? From May 10th through June 7th 2018, just click on this link: [Elgon Days Contest] to find yourself on the dedicated platform where you will find five groups – divided up according the different geographic areas of the world – with each group being led by an Elgon professional acting as coach.

Once you have chosen the group you belong to, let your creative whimsy loose. Participants can upload the photographs that best represent the sentiment that nourishes their own particular professionalism, making it distinctive and special. For example, you can focus on a detail, or use a wide-angle view or a portrait.

The ten photographs receiving the most votes for each of the five groups will then be judged by a panel of experts, who will elect the five final winners out of the 50 finalists. The most talented hairstylists will fly to Milan to ascend the stage at Elgon Inspiring Days 2018 where they will be the protagonists accompanied by their coach, their invaluable guru for the entire programme. The Elgon Inspiring Days event represents an opportunity of international scope organized by the brand, which has the ability to attract hundreds of hairstylists from all over the world. A spectacular show that brings the latest trends from the fashion runways right into your salon, overturning the canonical standards for training: a unique moment of sharing among professional experts from the world over.

Having reached the fourth edition, this year Elgon Inspiring Days 2018 will be held in the top Italian city for fashion and design, from September 30th to October 1st, at the exclusive East End Studios. A former industrial area in Milan’s Eastern district, a cutting edge Events Point, which has become one of the most important and sought after in the world of communications, fashion, design and show business.

To all of this we will add many novelties (chic street food & International Party) and a high-energy team ready to inspire your creativity and professionalism: all the elements necessary to create a unique moment when training, cultural contamination and expertise are blended to transform into a global party.

Is that it? Not at all. Getting back to the contest, the top ten in each group will win an exclusive Elgon product kit, which you can try out with Elgon every day inside your own salon.

All you need to do is wait for May 10th to enter the contest for real and accept the challenge.

To paraphrase a famous saying for these occasions, “May the best hairstylist win”.