AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE, green inside and out

The turning point for green beauty is finally here, with leading brands becoming increasingly mindful of the topic and more discerning in their choice of packaging materials.

The appeal of a cream, a hair mask, a lipstick or a perfume is also and above all measured by its presentation, with green cosmetics being the first to bear the brunt of this rule of thumb, owing to boxes made from recycled materials, less vivid colors and less eye-catching shapes.

Today, things have changed! Green no longer means necessarily foregoing shape or compromising on the aesthetics. The environmentalist battle is now well and truly on the radar of several make-up and personal care heavyweights, which, on the one hand, are working to incentivise the mindful use of packaging, and on the other, are dedicating attention to green packaging, even in terms of ‘beauty’.

As reported in The Guardian, according to TerraCycle, the company that studies several alternative recycling practises, the global cosmetic industry produces 120 billion pieces of packaging per year, with very few of these being recyclable as they are made, for the most part, of multiple types of material – think the classic plastic palette with built-in mirror.

There’s still a long way to go, but an increasing number of beauty companies have pledged allegiance to the green trend and are committed to producing cosmetics with a low environmental impact, favouring the use of natural and organic ingredients in their formulas, in addition to environmentally-sustainable packaging.

At Elgon, the sustainability of our packaging (understood as a product’s primary and secondary packaging) and its compatibility with environmental safeguarding objectives is a topic of great importance.

In this regard, let’s take a moment to clarify a concept: plastic is recyclable and can be re-used thousands of times!

The responsible thing to do, therefore, is to try to limit its use and use bioplastics or recycled plastics. Conversely, wood, which is often associated with natural products, is less sustainable and subsequently does not feature as a usable material in our Mother Science Guidelines.

Elgon wants to be concrete in the responsible choices the company makes.

For example, the packaging of the products in the IMAGEA by Elgon Green line, in addition to several other Elgon ranges, including the color care line, is made from bioplastic derived from sugar cane waste. After use, this bio-plastic can be recycled yet again!

The jars that contain our masks represent yet another example of green packaging, since we have replaced the plastic undercap with an aluminium film alternative, which is far more sustainable.

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