Art is learned, nourished and shared: the story of a Spanish passion

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together” (John Ruskin).

The life of Joan Antoni Lopez Subirana is testimony to this citation: a hairstylist who turned his profession into an example of passion and absolute dedication. Joan Antoni, owner of the Joan Perruquers DKPS salon in Barcelona, observed the use of a brush and hair-dryer in the perpetual pursuit of style and beauty as a young boy:  “My mother was a hairdresser but she wanted me to finish my studies. I had to study night and day to be able to be what I wanted: a hairstylist”.

Because being madly in love with one’s work is the trigger that sets everything in motion: sacrifices as well as triumphs. Joan Antoni’s career was built year after year, with the desire to learn and grow. Something that has never left him and has, in fact, developed into a need to teach. The passage towards training is brief: it’s no coincidence that Joan Antoni is one of Elgon’s longest-serving trainers.

“For me, contact with others is fundamental. Dedicating myself to training is a way to help my colleagues, by providing them with the inspiration to evolve. It’s one of the aspects of my job that makes me feel genuinely useful”.

The Spanish stylist’s career has certainly been packed with content. But what obstacles did he meet along the way? How did he overcome them?

“During my training sessions, I always tell a certain anecdote that pretty much sums up my professional career. When I was just starting out in the industry, we would often be given a colour to apply directly to the hair: we weren’t told how to prepare it, what effect it would have, or how to achieve the best result. Yet, I had such a strong desire to learn that I launched myself into all and everything, with patience and care. This is how I turned my work into the absolute expression of my life”.

Through his day-to-day experience, Joan Antoni Lopez Subirana has not only given a deeper meaning to his existence, but he has frequently managed to provide his contacts – customers and colleagues – with a chance to change, representing the first step towards turning dreams into reality.

This, in his opinion, is the maximum expression of Art.

What does an artistic gesture look like to you?