Androgynous looks and an abundance of femininity: here’s how to enhance style and colour with Elgon

More Bad Girl or Femme Fatale? The androgynous look is a trend that has dominated the runway for a number of years now, a style that is testimony to the growing strength and emancipation of women in today’s society. Yet, regardless of how you may feel in any determined moment, there is one thing that a woman should never forego: her femininity.

Something that starts with her individual style and includes the hair. An example? The ‘Pixie’ shape is a practical, elegant and highly sensual style that enhances short hair and highlights softer and more delicate features. Glorified by Audrey Hepburn in the film ‘Roman Holiday’, this captivating cut continues to be current, owing to the sexy, carefree and informal spirit that it embodies.

Here at Elgon, we love to promote this style, paying particular attention not only to the cut but also to the choice of colour. With the new Get the Color toners, for instance, it is possible to achieve both delicate hues and vivid shades, from watercolours to pastels, depending on the desired creative effect.

The ‘Pixie’ is a style that accents the role played by fringed and asymmetric strands: what could be better than a play of colours in which a lavender brushstroke merges with shades of apricot? With Get the Color, the soft, strong and voluminous effect is a sure thing, thanks to the action exerted by the wheat protein contained in the formula of these products; moreover, apple extract strengthens and protects the hair for full, vibrant colour.

And to ensure the long-lasting hold of the finished style?

The Affixx line provides the hair with instantaneous texture, delivering volume to even the finest of locks. Stronger, shinier and softer hair that is easier to comb for styles characterised by simplicity and elegance. With our gloss-giving SHINE IT! spray, for example, static-free brilliance is guaranteed without weighing the hair down; our texturising PUMP IT! spray provides the hair with an instant voluminous effect; last but not least, PREP IT! gives the go-ahead for easy styling: a spray that bestows both hold and natural volume upon even the finest and most lifeless of hair, without weighing it down and resulting in facilitated drying and a natural-looking effect.

Now that we have revealed the tricks of the trade and the right tools to achieve a truly statement style, why not unleash your creativity for your very own version of this super-sensual look?