Affixx Filler Cream


Beauty without compromise

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, two mega-trends are clashing. On the one hand, there is abstract beauty, the beauty on the runways and in fashion magazines. On the other hand, there is natural beauty, unique in its genre, which exalts the features of each individual and brings to light all of that person’s attributes.

If up to just a couple of years ago the idea of having these two trends meet could have been considered wild, it now seems to be a reality. From skin care to “natural looking” plastic surgery, everyone is trying to catch this wave that will overturn paradigms of beauty.

Elgon, always very careful of the needs of each of its clients and of contemporary beauty trends, has found the perfect way to reconcile these two worlds that are apparently so distant.

Affixx Filler Cream is Elgon’s new and innovative filler cream able to moisturise hair giving it shine, body and volume without weighing it down. Just by applying a few pumps of Filler Cream, your hair will be full bodied but smooth and light. Leaving no residue in the longest hair or on the roots, it gives a natural effect to your look that is unique in its genre.

That way, we will have no problem relaxing while we wait for scientific and technological progress that will change the world of beauty. In the mean time, though, our hair will always be in perfect order thanks to Affixx Filler Cream.