A star is born (thanks to Education)

Artists are born. Picasso famously said that ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

Creativity is a sacred aspect of the human being and being able to create something from nothing is unique to our species. Expressing oneself is essential, but when does creativity become art?

Knowledge tips the balance; it is the competence that gifts us the possibility and capacity to choose, to explore, and subsequently, to create.





Robin Sharma


Taking part in a training course in fact doesn’t only mean learning new professional skills, but also represents an experience driven by personal motivation and exchange.

In this regard, time acquires new value and becomes even more precious when it embraces the three dimensions of professional, personal and relational growth.


In the beauty industry, where customers are becoming increasingly exacting and ever-competent, (due to the fact that they’re looking things up on the internet, recognising new trends and products, and making informed decisions), having specific skills and taking part in training courses, both in terms of sector developments and sales and business promotion formats and techniques, becomes a determining factor.

Enhancing your personal skills as well as those of your collaborators with a course intended for constant and structured professional growth, in addition to obtaining prestigious certifications, really makes the difference.

Above all, it is also a source of continuous inspiration at the service of creativity.


Elgon has always believed in the fundamental value of training as an instrument to explore and expand the concepts of stylistic identity; for this reason, the company offers ever-innovative and generative cutting, coloring and styling techniques through its collections and themes.

But that’s not all: a number of courses are designed to create an opportunity to share, so as to get to know the company and work together to develop themes relating to retail and salon performance, sometimes even through practical suggestions to be implemented on returning to the salon.



If you would like to find out more about how to take part or would like additional information,

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