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Why can’t I find the complete list of what the product does not contain on the packaging?

Regulation 655/2013 prohibits companies from claiming on the packaging that certain ingredients are not contained in the product. This is to avoid any misleading advertising, since all the ingredients in said products are considered safe for the final user.

We know that our consumers are very interested in the ingredients we use: so, we have chosen to include this information on our website. The page of each product will list both its ingredients, and the ingredients that are have never been and will never be used in our products, such as SLES, SLS and PARABENS.

Any consumer who wishes to be more informed can also consult our Mother Science guidelines, to read in detail about all the formula principles of the Imagea line.

If the product is not specified to be “paraben-free”, does it mean that the formula contains parabens?

Imagea does not contain parabens. We use more delicate preservatives in their place, such as phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.


Are IMAGEA products vegan?

All IMAGEA products, including hair dyes, are vegan-friendly, meaning they do not contain animal derivatives.

Several ingredients used in hair cosmetics, such as keratin and hyaluronic acid, are animal-derived. Scientific research has made incredible progress in recent years. Today, artificial or plant-based alternatives exist, and they have the same function and efficacy as animal-derived ingredients.

While we have chosen not to have our products certified by vegan associations, we have been granted Halal certification, whose principles include not using animal derivatives.

Are IMAGEA products tested on animals?

Elgon products have never been tested on animals.

Moreover, starting from 11 March 2013, the European Union legislation has prohibited cosmetics whose ingredients are tested on animals to be either produced or distributed in Europe.

Can pregnant women use IMAGEA dyes?

IMAGEA dyes are very delicate; nevertheless, we strongly advise pregnant women to ask their doctor for advice.



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