At Elgon, cosmetics are not just products, and ours is not just a job. Making high-performance beauty products is our way of responding to the miracle of creation and of celebrating the intimate beauty of human beings and nature with respect for the liberty and equality of all people. Elgon is Colore&Poesia [Color and Poetry] Colore&Poesia is for all those who believe that living is feeling, creating, communicating together with others.


COOPI has permitted us to express this conviction of ours with a clear and precise objective.
It was for this reason that Elgon chose to give support to the COOPI “D as in Development, the future of Sierra Leone is woman” project, directed toward 2,500 women in Sierra Leone and the communities where they live. This project has as its objective the support for and the coordination of local women’s actions aimed at promoting their right to property and to literacy, working together toward greater participation of women in decision making on these issues as well as their effective exercise of those rights.


Elgon is convinced that this training and knowledge-sharing project will be fundamental to the construction of a better future for Sierra Leone’s people.


Since 2014, COOPI’s work in Sierra Leone has focussed on food safety and in particular on development of the cashew nut supply chain (from production to marketing). The cashew nut supply chain represents an important opportunity for employment of the people in Sierra Leon so that they can achieve economic independence.
Specifically, there are 400 women involved in agricultural training programmes.


In 2016, ELGON decided to give greater visibility to its social commitment by involving its network in a benefit campaign. Our objective was to involve our own customers in the funds collection drive and so increase the project’s overall impact. With the launch of the #piantalarinascita – a heart for Sierra Leone campaign, during Cosmoprof Bologna 2016, Elgon and its hairstylists promised to donate 1000 cashew nut tree seedlings to the women in Sierra Leon.


What followed were the results, events, news and all our stories on solidarity posted to our Facebook page.

“Through work, life on earth can be reborn.”