We support hairdressers’ passion and creativity all over the world since 1970.

Our promise of uniqueness is to offer inspiration and innovation with made in Italy productspersonalized professional services.

To an artist, freedom is a place in the soul, a place where there are no limits to artistic creation. To a hairstylist, freedom means feeling confident in one’s work, daring to be audacious, never being truly content and always going that step further in the pursuit of beauty.

Our mission is to support our partners’ growth, offering tailor-made education experiences and enhancing the uniqueness of each individual: professional customers and clients.


“Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel” – Socrates

This year we at Elgon are happy to present you with a concise and stimulating collection of courses. 

Where our skilled artists and trainers will work to help you bring out your inner artist and share with you the passion we all have for our industry. 

Offering a service-based training where the objective is to help you and our partners

and to increase your income through knowledge, techniques and share inspiration.

Elgon Salon

A salon identity is given by its style, taste and attention to the furniture.

Elgon believes that the level of care and quality of the salon dedicated to its customers is also transmitted by the setting of the salon,

which is why it has selected a line unique furniture.

Welcome to our world!

Social Responsability

Those who believe in Elgon know that they are a part of something much bigger.

The search for beauty in all of its forms is harmony.

This is why we decided to work together with COOPI – International Cooperation.

Find out more about our CSR projects!