Pink hair and a huge bag full of the world. Better yet, full of worlds.  Because what Gloria Bombarda is describing – Gloria is a very active influencer on social media with many followers – are the many facets of her life, from her outfits to the events she attends, from food to her passion for travel. This is what we like about her: she uses a multiform approach so that she is always nurturing her curiosity. We liked her approach so much that we chose Gloria as Elgon’s ambassador until the end of this year. She will come on board to become part of our enterprise, to see how we work and to test our products. And then she will look through her magnifying glass and tell us all about those things here and on her blog. Here is her first contribution.

What better way is there to start a new adventure than with a change of haircolor? Maybe I ought to introduce myself first 🙂 If you don’t know me already, I’m Gloria, blogger at borsadimarypoppins.com, and for a short while we will share this space!

Now, I’ll tell you about my recent visit to the Elgon headquarters in Nerviano, near Milan. I knew immediately that I was in a very special place. They asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the company. I had always dreamed about understanding how they create “haircolor”. As you can see from my hair, I’m really addicted to crazy haircolors.  My hair is completely pink. But with Elgon I’ll try to make it even more pink than what I already have. It was almost a leap into the unknown!!!

Inside the company, they use extremely innovative technologies and all the machines are top of the line. I noticed one, in particular, that in just a few seconds filled and sorted the bottles and then it even boxed them up.  Unbelievable!  I was told that this machine can turn out 45,000 pieces each day.  Yes, that is what they said. The zeros are all there. I wasn’t confused!

A little while later, we left the packaging department and finally went to what I really wanted to see: the haircolor department.

I trusted Christopher completely. He is a real magician with hair. We chose a different shade of pink, I was ready to make a change!

Christopher suggested we try Passion Mix. This is a new haircolor service that includes a selection of recipes that come from combining several nuances from I|Light, which is a really super intense direct haircolor, available in 15 shades. Christopher chose the Venetian|Rose Mix just for me by mixing fuchsia (ShineCherry 11), violet (ShineViolet13) and blue (ShineJeans 12).

The haircolor is applied to just washed hair that is still wet. The processing time is very fast, from 3 to 15 minutes. It only took 7 minutes for me. The results were immediate and very clear. It was so fast! Since my hair has been bleached a lot, we decided that I should get an additional treatment. A vial of Refibra Restructuring Lotion was also added to the haircolor. This was really fantastic for my hair, which seemed to have been reborn when I touched it while it was still damp. After the haircolor service, I noticed my hair was visibly more moisturised, nourished and especially glossy!  

Immediately after the haircolor service, we proceeded with a wavy hairstyle. Voit-là! Just look at these splendid results! Now my hair is a super bright pink with a few ends that blend to purple!!!

I think it’s just perfect. I love it! What do you think?

I’ll continue my Passion Mix recipe service at home with I|Care, in the PASTEL FUCHSIA C/057 nuance. This is a cream conditioner that will help me keep this wonderful pink haircolor, which usually loses all its intensity after just a few shampoos. Instead, I was just amazed by the fact that this time it hasn’t faded at all!

Have you tried Passion Mix yet?

See you soon!!!

xoxo Gloria