Top looks for New Year’s Eve: brilliant shine, fringes and styles with Elgon

2018 is coming to an end. And once you’ve answered the usual question “What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?” the next step is:  “What will I wear? And how will I do my hair?”

Whatever your style may be, – romantic or bad girl, ethnic or vintage – with Elgon you can create a New Year’s Eve hairstyle that is 100% original and alternative.

An example? Ever thought of having a fringe for a day? Take a look at our model in the photo and see how you can do this! Simply attach a strand of top hair at the nape of the neck, fold it forward, attach it with a few hair grips, complete the look with a touch of Fix It! lacquer and… hey presto!

Just a few squirts keep the style in place without leaving any residue and to make the hair soft again, simply give it a quick brush.

Instead, Hair Lift is the flexible hold powder that adds volume to fine hair but is also suitable for other hair types. A unique product for adding volume to hairstyles and ensuring they stay perfectly in place all night long.

Last but not least, for just the right touch of shine, you can’t do without Shine It!, the no hold shine spray that makes any Instagram filter pale into insignificance. Excellent for an evening at the club and for taking selfies with your friends, to start off the new year full of light!

Now that you know all the secrets for celebrating the last day of the year with beautiful hair, you’re ready for a 2019 full of glamorous style.  Because if you’re stunning at New Year, you’ll be stunning all year round!