bouquet 7 oli
Haircare, Linea Sinsea, Trattamento
50 ml

7 Oil Bouquet is a complex of 7 oils that can, through its action.
- Give brilliance, compose and tame even long hair
- Protects long hair
- Tames the hair
- Makes styling easy
An elixir of light for dull long hair.


For any hair type.


It may be used in small quantities on either wet hair or dry hair, as a finish.
May be combined with all of the other Sinsea treatments.


Perfect for giving brilliance to any type of hair, sealing the scales (split ends) providing a protective filmogenic action on the hair fibres.
The 7 oils making up the Bouquet are
– Olive oil with soothing and softening properties
– Wheat germ oil that gives strength thanks to its reinforcing power
– Macadamia Oil with moisturising and antioxidant properties to keep hair fibres elastic
– Peach kernel oil with nutrient and restructuring properties for long lasting beauty
– Rose Hip Oil the precious and fragrant oil with strong regenerating power
– Rice oil with its protective and hydrating power
– Jojoba oil known for its protective and softening properties

7-Oil Bouquet is also a part of Sinsea, the line of products free of parabens, petrolatum and similar products (paraffin, mineral oils), phthalates,GMOs, added metals or aggressive foaming agents.

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