Phytoguard: Imagea’s answer to the demage done to hair by pollution

The urban environment can be a significant source of stress. The combination of smog, pollution and temperature fluctuations together with the frenetic rhythms of the city represent a risk to the health of our bodies, which can also affect our outward appearance. It is not by chance that one of the most popular beauty trends in 2018 is the urban detox. That is, the practice of using products that are capable of contrasting the actions of the principal sources of environmental contamination.

In this context the special quality of Imagea, the haircare and haircolor line from Elgon Green, which has broken through to the hearts of hairstylists the world over, comes into the picture. After just one year since its launch, Imagea is ready to present a brand new product – its first in the hairstyling category, to the market. The product is Phytoguard, a precious nectar for the hair, rich in plant extracts, with irresistible mossy aquatic notes. This new ally to beauty is capable of forming a “barrier” that contrasts the primary harmful effects caused by air pollution and UV rays. Phytoguard’s active ingredients actually create a protective layer on the hair shaft while at the same time acting as a powerful antioxidant and reducing the frizz effect in humid conditions. What is the secret to its success? Phytoguard’s formula is distinguished by three exclusive active ingredients. The first are plant protein extracts from organic Baobab trees, which nourish and help to repair hair ruined by chemical treatments, make hair stronger and more elastic. Then there is the Mongongo nut oil from sustainable agriculture, which is a nutrient rich in Omega 6, an excellent moisturizer and a powerful antioxidant thanks to its high vitamin E content. Finally, there is the hyaluronic acid derived from plants, which creates a film that coats the hair shaft making hair glossier and healthier.

Thanks to Phytoguard’s creamy gel texture, it is so versatile that it can be applied on wet or dry hair. On wet hair, it can be used as a styling solution permitting the hairstyle to be shaped thanks to its gentle fixative power. On dry hair, it transforms into a powerful ally for finishing that more clearly defines the hairstyle while providing protection action.

Trust, quality, sustainability, ethics and made in Italy are Imagea’s founding values, which also permeate this new product, while fully meeting the professional standards that underlie the entire line, in the name of naturalness, effectiveness, respect for the environment on for the individual.