The golden age: with Moda&Styling Gold, colour is even more radiant and long lasting

“I never sunbathe, I like to feel blonde all over”.

These are the words of the number one blonditude icon of all time:  Marilyn Monroe. Because having golden locks isn’t about satisfying an impulse, it’s a representation of a state of being.

Shades of blonde are a must-have in terms of hairstyling trends and Elgon has chosen to interpret this precious ‘golden age’ in its own way by offering a line of colours that includes various golden hues. This is how ‘Moda&Styling Gold’ was developed, a re-launch of the ‘Moda&Styling’ line, which is already much-loved by hairstylists and customers alike. At the heart of this re-launch lies the re-calibration of the golden pigments. The formula enriched with SILKER COMPLEX 3® PLUS works to reconstruct the cuticle and ensure a more vibrant, full and rich colour, resulting in a splendid sheen that lasts even longer.

When we are asked to work on a new colour series, it’s also a real team effort”, comments Augusto Pizzini, R&D Formulating Department. “From formulation and technical room testing to project development, we’re always striving to improve so as to create increasingly high-performing shades”.

Since colour is always evolving and Elgon, as a professional haircare colour specialist, rises to the challenges of technical innovation at the service of both current trends and the personal fulfilment of its customers.

Moda&Styling Gold is also a high-performance product since it enables me to cover my customer’s grey hair and apply the colour without the need for a base”, adds Emiliano Bianchi, Salone J.D.B.  Siena. “The result?  Highlights are vivid and radiant and I can create refined and sophisticated looks in step with the gold hair trend”.

If you don’t have brilliant blonde hair, don’t worry: this is still the right post for you! You now have all the information you need to take the plunge and go blonde. If blonditude isn’t your thing, remember that Moda&Styling offers a myriad of shades including 27 new and re-formulated options: not just Golds but Naturals and Intense Naturals as well. The choice is yours.