The energy of change and the colours of Modavation: Carpe Diem accompanies the woman who re-invents herself

The energy of change and the colours of Modavation

New year, new life. All New Year resolutions, including the one mentioned above, require a joint commitment on the part of head and heart if they are to be kept.

In fact, the transition from 2018 to 2019 is just an excuse which, at times, gives us the energy to make a change. And as the great Coco Chanel taught us, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. So just imagine what happens if she decides to colour it!

Elgon bows down to movement, to the fluctuating of events that lead to an improvement, to the “brainstorms” that overturn uncomfortable situations.

We were proud and delighted to see Michelle Obama pose for the cover of Essence magazine with her natural wild, unruly curls. Quite a brave move for a woman who has always filled a formal role, and sported tidier, more sober styles. The former First Lady showed herself for who she really is: a strong woman with hidden energy, sporting a wild afro hairstyle.

And yet this is what we here at Elgon wish for all the women who follow us: the courage never to fear change, never to fear standing up for what you believe in. Because for some, this might turn their day around. And for others, it might just turn their whole lives around.   This is how we learn to appreciate our uniqueness, starting from gestures – small but symbolic ones – like a new hair colour.

These are some of the ideas that led us to create Modavation: the second theme of our Elgon Collection, which says goodbye to the sweet shades of Monochromatic and explodes on to the scene with the energy of pop colour.

A trend represented by a colourful, vibrant world, full of life and joy, designed for those who, like the chameleon, know when to change their style, but live their current life to the full. Here, changeable and vibrant translate into sharp, technical cuts and colours that can be easily re-styled to create soft and elegant shapes.

Ask your hairdresser to advise you. With the aid of the Elgon products and the right amount of skill, they will be able to meet all your requirements.

Let yourself be inspired by Modavation and light up your hair with colour when the time is right, transforming your own personal style into art!