Beauty is considered to be the combination of harmony, health and wellbeing. Beauty is a vocation, a lifestyle, the art of living in balance with the external world and in harmony with ourselves.

Is it not true that a blonde woman expresses her identity more so than any other woman with colored hair? Elegant, transgressive and sensual.

The time has come to feel the vibes of our customers by achieving and maintaining the desired blonde.

Blonde Ambition is in fact the third theme of the Elgon Elegance Carpe Diem concept:  it is a trend awash with imaginative details, sophisticated pieces, contrasts, red and gold, and a contemporary interpretation of the ’80s.

Why Blonde?

Blonde is so much more than a color and has always been considered an all-encompassing lifestyle. That said, there are many different shades of blonde, it can and must be personalised in accordance with the unique features of the individual – their skin tone or eye color, for instance. And the results achieved can differ from person to person.

What’s more, blonde hair entails a nostalgic contemplation of the past, a look back at the fabulous ‘70s and ‘80s, a period that has returned to the spotlight and that is experiencing a new-found sense of glory, thanks to technology and modern-day formulas.

Why Ambition?

We’re thinking about Andy Warhol’s iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe. His work of art is also said to be a subtle dig at popular society, where people are seen as products rather than as people, and that the choice of a two-dimensional image was subsequently, on the one hand, intended to magnify the emotive flatness and the superficial aspect of a ‘sex symbol’, and on the other, remind the audience of the woman behind the image, made up of her own unique characteristics.

Blonde is a symbol that perfectly embodies the ambition for uniqueness drilled into today’s society.

Blonde Ambition will be making its debut at Cosmoprof 2019, alongside several new products developed to assist us in taking care of our beauty, making us strong on the inside and fabulous on the outside.


In the upcoming blog post, we’ll be talking about beards and romantic choices…